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Dreamlightspirit showcases high-quality, eye-catching jewelry for women with adventurous souls and wild hearts. We believe that how we create our pieces matters just as much as why people wear them. Jewelry you can feel good about wearing. Really good. Because now —more than ever — our choices matter.Dreamlightspirit is for every woman—professionals, mothers, artists, homemakers, and travelers alike. We offer women a consciously-curated collection of jewelry that inspires them to live boldly and go after what they want. Our pieces are elegant, trendy, and perfect for everyday wear or special occasions, and will make you shine (quite literally!) like the beautiful woman you are.

Our Brand

At Dreamlightspirit  we’re dedicated to offering accessories that enable all women to express themselves, helping you feel confident in your everyday. Dreamlightspirit was created out of a need for on-trend fashion jewelry at ready-to-wear prices. Our trend spotting departments worldwide take inspiration from couture runways and current street style to deliver new, must-have styles to our customers.We are a fashion-forward jewelry brand that caters to every woman, with new styles each week. We give exceptional customer service and apply our core belief, It’s about you, always to everything we do.

Our vision: Reflecting individuality through jewellery

Nothing makes us happier than sharing our vision for jewellery with as many people as possible. In our TV spot we wanted to focus on interpersonal relationships in all their forms and show how jewellery permeates our lives as a sign of connection. At Dreamlightspirit, we put people at the centre of everything. We express our unique nature, which makes us who we are, through various ways and jewellery is undoubtedly one of them. Dreamlightspirit’s main inspiration behind her designs is to create versatile, wearable jewellery to be enjoyed by every woman, in all walks of life. Leading the way in modern fine jewellery design, Dreamlightspirit believes that the joy and emotional connection jewellery brings can truly elevate the everyday.

Premium Quality

Quality Meets Creativity. Dreamlightspirit speaks to like-minded women who dare to dream big—the movers, the shakers, the trailblazers. Our stunning jewelry aims to inspire confidence, power, courage, and the perfect touch of chicness in every woman, from professionals to artists. You deserve nothing less than perfection. And so, strict quality standards are maintained throughout the entire process. From sourcing the materials to casting and setting every last stone, we make sure that our jewelry is made to last.Our commitment to perfection doesn't stop there. Every piece is also inspected by hand before it leaves our facility. Our team's close attention to detail ensures the jewelry you receive will stay sparkling and beautiful for years to come.

Trends come and go, but quality remains...and happens to be good for the environment.Imagined by our team of designers and crafted in vetted factories around the world, our pieces are intuitive and thoughtful, simple pleasures to look at and live in everyday. Designs are contemplated with all sizes, gender expressions and styles in mind. From the perfect gold hoops to personalized jewelry and gemstones to pearls, no matter the time or place, we’ve got you covered.


The entire creative team involved then must think in a direction that harmoniously marries craftsmanship and the “chic, fashion, smile”. The mood board is the inspiration for our designers, as they integrate the themes into their drawings of the handcrafted jewelry. It is also the inspiration for the artwork on our accessories, launched in store at the same time as the jewelry. Of course, it’s also the inspiration behind our campaigns, store displays, and any other content we create on and offline.


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