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Decameron Tarot Card by Giacinto Gaudenzi

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Created by renowned Italian illustrator Gaudenzi and erotic culture scholar Spadanuda, this deck bravely explores the earthy world of Boccaccio's Decameron. As with other erotic suites, Gaudenzi and Spadanuda amplify the sexual imagination. Unlike other erotic decks, the Decameron Tarot features all kinds of people enjoying carnal adventures. Ideals of age and beauty vary, and this deck celebrates that diversity with wit and playfulness.


Made of high quality paper for durability and long life.

This is a favorite of beginners and tarot lovers.

Mini size, light and portable, easy to carry, you can play with your friends anytime, anywhere.

When you join a party with friends, this is a good game to predict your destiny.

This is the ideal gift for yourself and your friends.


Quantity: 78

Iron box size: 11*6.7*4cm

Card size: 10.3*6cm

Weight: 230g