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Fairy Lights Tarot By Lucia Mattioli

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The poetic art of Lucia Mattioli sings in this unique and imaginative tarot. Each card is part of a bigger picture that is complete when paired with another card. An ever-present fairy light helps to break down psychological barriers, provide clarity, and allow truth to become known. Emotionally rich and intuitive, The Fairy Lights Tarot Deck will touch your heart and reveal your soul.


  • Made of high quality paper for durability and long life.
  • This is a favorite of beginners and tarot lovers.
  • Mini size, light and portable, easy to carry, you can play with your friends anytime, anywhere.
  • When you join a party with friends, this is a good game to predict your destiny.
  • This is the ideal gift for yourself and your friends.


Quantity: 78

Size: 10*7cm

Weight: 160g

Material: MPC card

Includes: custom hard case, 78 cards, guide book