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Money Tarot Deck By Eugene Vinitski

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THE HIDDEN TRUTH: Unlock the secrets! The Hidden Truth intuitive oracle cards delve into your deepest relationship questions. The messages revealed from your Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, former lover, your own higher self, or the one who got away can help give advice, clarity, and guidance regarding current or former relationships.

GENUINE MESSAGES: Ask, and you will receive The Hidden Truth! The real, emotional messages revealed may stun you and will cut to the heart of your existing connection with another person. Meant to interpret using your intuition, this oracle deck features straightforward messages best for established relationships in a challenge.

SUPERIOR STOCK: Luxuriously thin, easy to handle! All Things Intuitive cards use premium smooth black core cardstock sourced from the world's finest playing card manufacturers, protected by an aqueous coating for easier shuffling and longer-lasting quality. Oracle deck comes shrink-wrapped in a decorative tuck boxGet The Guidance You Need From The Universe & Walk Your Path With Confidence!

Want to hone your tarot reading skills with incredible artwork and richly colored tarot cards?

Need a classy, long-lasting and beautifully designed tarot card deck for home or business tarot reading?

Tarot card is a powerful tool for fortune telling that has been used for hundreds of years. Before you start to practice fortune telling, you first need to choose the right tarot desk for you.

We've spent countless hours touching up, fixing, and enhancing the original art. We obsessively rejuvenated the traditional graphics using cutting-edge repair techniques. We corrected color hues, saturation, and vibrance, all to make sure you get the highest quality artwork.