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The Sun Tarot Card Mirrors

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Sun Tarot Decorative Mirror: this elegant mirror is handcrafted and combined with the beautiful fine carved shape in the center to create the perfect decorative mirror. Exquisite carving and back plate. It is stylish and attractive and can be incorporated into traditional or modern decor.

A special mirror gift: the Sun Tarot Mirror, known as the 19th Major Arcana, she is a Wisdom, Breakthrough, and Beauty metaphor card. She's also a Force Bringer and I'm so proud of these girls!!! I am so excited about this new collection.

Versatile Travel Mirror: A lightweight, compact mirror that can be placed on a bedroom table, in a bag, purse, backpack or suitcase, and more. As a great mirror for women to travel with, I will be your companion whether you are at home or on the go.

Special shape: the product is designed with solar tarot cards, a mysterious representative of Western witchcraft. The combination of mirrors form a divination mirror, with a vintage antique charm and mysterious sense.

High quality materials: This mysterious Sun Tarot mirror is made of high quality wood, very sturdy and wear-resistant, hand-carved pattern with vivid details and long service life.

Easy to place: Our right size mirror is perfect to place on your bedroom, kitchen, living room tabletop, or carry around.

Perfect gift for: This is a magical mirror, perfect for you, your lover, children or family and friends who love divination, and it will be very popular with its tarot card shape.


Material: Pine

Craft: Carving

Size: 26*17cm, thickness 8mm